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I'm former Nevada State Senator Don Gustavson, and this is LIBERTY PAC. Thank you for visiting.

I have an important question to ask you: do you trust your elected officials to obey their constituents 100% of the time?

I don't! This is why I commissioned LIBERTY PAC, because I’m in this for the long run, and I'm on a mission to elect honest conservative candidates who will legislate to protect your liberties!

The 2020 Nevada Election season is already in play, and LIBERTY PAC will go to work on your behalf to promote solid principled conservatives. My goal is to support honest conservative candidates who are dedicated to preserving your liberties, and to expose any RINO (Republican In Name Only) who legislates like a liberal. Many of you already know what it’s like to be burned by a RINO. The current mission of LIBERTY PAC is to educate and inform all voters BEFORE the Nevada elections, and to allow the real conservative candidates to rise above the fray and win!

By raising vital funds now, we have time to smoke out the self-serving swamp dwellers who promise anything to get elected, only to pull a one-eighty when it’s time to legislate. I’m fighting for candidates who HAVE THE GUTS to lead, but I need you to stand by my side. Please click the donate button now and provide LIBERTY PAC with your most generous contribution.

LIBERTY PAC can accept unlimited contributions of any amounts. Perhaps you are capable of donating $1000, $500, or $250 to help elect candidates who believe like you do. Maybe you can contribute $100, $50, or $25. Whatever you decide to give, you can trust that every dollar raised for LIBERTY PAC is carefully applied to elect serious-minded conservative candidates who believe like we believe.

The Liberty Bell is very symbolic to me. First commissioned in 1752, the bell was used to summon lawmakers to legislative sessions.

Many of you have noticed the infamous crack that resides in our Liberty Bell, a fracture within her side. To me, that fissure serves a deep reminder that our liberties are vulnerable to damage, and failure on our part to thwart further damage to our liberties is an open invite to allow the gap to grow wider and longer between the citizenry and an overbearing government.

The crack dividing our liberties keeps spreading, and the line dividing the Republican & Democrat parties continues to blur. I have a clearer vision for strengthening Nevada. The clock is ticking. Please pledge your support to LIBERTY PAC by clicking the DONATE button now. Thank you very much for your consideration and generosity!

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