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This following list of choices, unless otherwise stated, are NOT endorsements of Liberty PAC, but candidates I believe are most likely positioned to provide for a better conservative government than their opponent would.

United States Senate

Dean Heller (the US Republican Senate needs to control the leadership)

House of Representatives

CD2 - Mark Amodei (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

CD3 - Danny Tarkanian (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

CD4 - Cresent Hardy (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Nevada Supreme Court

Seat C - Jerry Tao (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Seat F - Abbi Silver – (running unopposed)

Seat G - Mathew Harter (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Nevada Constitutional Offices

Governor - Adam Laxalt (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Lt. Governor - Janine Hansen

Secretary of State - Barbara Cegavske (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Attorney General - Wes Duncan

State Treasurer - Bob Beers (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

State Controller - Ron Knecht (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

State Senate

District 8 - Valerie Weber (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 9 - Tiffany Jones (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 12 - Joe Hardy (i)

District 13 - Charlene Young                                              

District 14 - Ira Hansen (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 17 - James Settelmeyer (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 20 - Keith Pichard (endorsed by Liberty PAC)    

State Assembly

District 2 - John Hambrick (i)

District 4 - Richard McArthur (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 9 - Linda Cannon

District 15 - Stan Vaughn (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 17 - Patricia Little

District 25 - Jill Tolles (i)

District 26 - Lisa Krasner (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 31 - Jill Dickman (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 32 - Alexis Hansen (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 33 - John Ellison (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 37 - Jim Marchant (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 38 - Robin Titus (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 39 - Jim Wheeler (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 40 - Al Kramer (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District 41 - Paris Wade

Washoe County Sheriff

Darin Balaam

Washoe County Commission

District 2 - Bob Lucey (i)

District 3 - Bill Johnson

District 5 - Jeanne Herman (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Washoe County District Attorney

Chris Hicks (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Washoe County Assessor

Michael Clark (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Washoe County Clerk

Nancy Parent (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Washoe County Recorder

Lawrence Burtness (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Washoe County Treasurer

Tammy Davis (i) (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Washoe County District Judge Dept. 2 – Family Court

Aaron Bushur

Washoe County School Board Trustee

District B - Ellen Minetto

District C - Andrew Caudill (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

District F - Jeffrey Church (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Reno Mayor

Eddie Lorton - (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Reno City Council

Ward 2 - Joe Lawrence

Ward 4 - Bonnie Weber (endorsed by Liberty PAC)

Statewide Ballot Question Recommendations

Question 1 - Marsy’s Law - NO  -- “Our State Constitution, along with our written statutes, already protect the rights of victims. Passage of Q1 removes the elasticity that is needed to rapidly deal with any unintended consequences, thus creating even wider disadvantages and additional ill-treatment of victims who rely on an efficient judicial system to seek justice. The clarification and execution required to implement rigid changes to our Constitution will likely lead to overstraining our justice system with arduous protocols and expensive litigation that add disruption to our judicial system rather than streamline efficiency, harming victims and taxpayers alike.”

Question 2 - Exemption of Feminine Hygiene Products from Sales Tax - NO

Question 3 - The Energy Choice Initiative - NO

Question 4 - Medical Patient Tax Relief Act - NO

Question 5 - The Automatic Voter Registration Initiative - NO

Question 6 - The Renewable Energy Promotion Initiative - NO

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