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Listed below are the upcoming 2018 Nevada Republican Primary races that I will be choosing from. Please click the links for candidate information and recommendation.

If the races below do not yet contain an active link, then I am still in the process of digging up research before making a final recommendation. Updates to this page will be continuous, and all recommendations will be finalized before early voting begins, so please check back often.

If a race is not listed, it's either because there is no Republican primary runoff, or because I have not initiated any research. If you are a candidate running for office and you think Liberty PAC should consider your candidacy, please contact me.

After the completion of the Nevada Republican Primary election, I will begin making recommendations for the 2018 Nevada General Election. I will be reviewing candidates from all parties regardless of political affiliation including Republican, Democrat, IAP, Libertarian, NP, and so forth. Be aware that simply having an "R" next to your name does NOT guarantee a general election recommendation from me... Stay tuned!

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