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Several candidates have filed for Lieutenant Governor.

My recommendation:


Eugene Hoover is a small business owner and conservative advocate who is fixated on creating a climate in Nevada that is based on job growth, low taxation, and a non-meddling over-burdening government.

His opponent Mike Roberson would like to be Adam Laxalt’s Lieutenant Governor. That would be like pairing a plate of chicken nuggets with a glass of fine wine.

Mike Roberson the candidate got elected as a freshman legislator by wearing a shroud of conservatism. Unfortunately, that veil wore off quickly as Mike Roberson the politician rose to the level of leadership and became the chief engineer of the largest tax increase ever to be levied on the State of Nevada.

The very same tax increase that Eugene Hoover actively opposed, and Adam Laxalt hopes to repeal as Governor.

Furthermore, Mike Roberson the candidate wants to join Adam Laxalt in combating the epidemic illegal alien crisis. Problem for Mike Roberson is he sponsored Senate Bill 303 in 2013, a law which legalized the issuance of “driver authorization cards” to illegal aliens who are living unlawfully in Nevada. To add salt to that wound, Senate Bill 303 required that the State of Nevada be required to withhold that information from law enforcement entities who would request it. As enrolled into law, SB303 specified:

The Director shall not release any information relating to legal presence or any other information relating to or describing immigration status, nationality or citizenship from a file or record relating to a request for or the issuance of a license, identification card or title or registration of a vehicle to any person or to any federal, state or local governmental entity for any purpose relating to the enforcement of immigration laws.

We currently have a U.S. President who is working hard to combat illegal immigration, and his job is made difficult because of politicians like Mike Roberson.

Adam Laxalt has vowed to fight sanctuary status for illegal aliens and find ways to lower the tax burden on Nevadans. As for running mate Mike Roberson, he’s a politician who campaigns as a conservative and governs like a liberal at the risk of Nevada’s safety and fiscal responsibility.

“But Don, we’re only talking about the Lieutenant Governor’s race. What kind of damage can an elected Lieutenant Governor do to harm the conservative movement?"

Answer: Plenty! Mike Roberson could decide to run for Governor in four or eight years.

Never lend a ladder for somebody to climb when they’ve already proven their instability.

Remember, we are talking about a Taxpayer Protection Pledge signer who BROKE HIS PLEDGE. In all my years of serving, it was not unusual for a non-signer to raise taxes. But it was a rarity when a pledge signer readily reneged and broke his word. Mike Roberson the campaigner was that rarity.

Mike Roberson has already proven that he cannot be trusted. It’s time to send Mike Roberson packing, so that a message resonates throughout the GOP:


Let's not get fooled again. Conservatives deserve honest representation!

Eugene Hoover is the person we can trust to represent us...he's a long-time Nevada business owner with offices throughout northern and southern Nevada who understands the landscape all too well that job creators must navigate to create jobs and provide prosperity. He recognizes the hurdles, and he wants to knock them down.  

I’ve watched Eugene Hoover in action, a family man who freely volunteers his time to advocate on behalf of hard-working Nevadans. I have observed him in action supporting policies that promote job creation, and I have watched him battle tirelessly before the legislative body in Carson City to fight against job-killing bills that are detrimental to Nevada’s wellbeing.

Eugene Hoover recognizes the required mechanisms that are desirable for Nevada success, and he’s able to differentiate between government policies that can stifle achievement. That is the kind of Lieutenant Governor that Nevada needs to steer Nevada’s prosperity to calmer shores.

Please join me in voting for Eugene Hoover as our next Lieutenant Governor.

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