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Nevada stands a good chance of electing a Republican governor in November. This is crucial, because the seated Democrats in the Nevada Legislature are likely to repeat on a number of promises that were vetoed during the 2017 Session, and I have full confidence that the current GOP candidate for Nevada Governor will be even tougher than our present governor when it comes to vetoing reckless legislation that jeopardizes the safety and wellbeing of our State.

Liberty PAC recognizes that many assembly districts are considered “safe districts” due to lopsided voter registrations numbers that favor one party over another. The important thing to focus on then during this election cycle is for the Republican Assembly to maintain enough seats to ensure that any veto is not overridden. Thus, it is vital that Republican voter-turnout is strong in certain assembly swing districts which I am going to discuss.

Of course, I would ask that a strong Republican voter-turnout is seen through the whole state, because desired statewide election results depend on enthusiasm as applied up and down the ballot, but as I analyze the assembly districts as they are currently drawn I can only forecast that Democrats will probably continue to maintain their lead in the Assembly. The immediate objective then is to ensure that the liberals are denied a veto-proof majority that would render a new GOP governor as irrelevant.


If Assembly Republicans are going to be in a place where they can provide veto-power to a GOP-led governor, they will need crank out their voter base in three key races; Assembly Districts 4, 31, and 37. Let’s look at those races:


AD4 is currently represented by Assemblyman Richard McArthur, a former Captain of the United States Air Force. Richard McArthur has represented this district well, scoring high ratings from both the Nevada Policy Research Institute and the American Conservative Union Foundation.

Liberty PAC was proud to have endorsed Richard McArthur during his 3-way Republican primary battle, because he is a proven fiscal conservative with a solid reputation for protecting taxpayers, defending small businesses, and protecting your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I’ve known Richard McArthur a long time; it’s been a pleasure serving with him in the Nevada State Legislature and I can assure you that his credentials are impeccable.

The Democrat candidate who desires to takeover this district is a candidate that needs to be soundly defeated. Her campaign logo is “a New Voice for Change,” but her take on the issues are not explained on her campaign website. Instead, she displays her photo gallery displaying an assortment of her snapshots carrying a “resist” sign, and pompously posing with an East Coast U.S. Senator, a well-rehearsed leftwing radical from Massachusetts. Change, you say? Pictures are worth a thousand words, and Liberty Pac needs to conduct no more research to understand the mindset of this opponent.

A look at the registration numbers however would give the Assembly Democratic Caucus some hope, as they are only down 36 registrants compared to Republican registrants inside the district. Furthermore, a third-party candidate is also on the November ballot representing a party that could siphon votes from the Republican ticket. Now is not the time to become complacent, and voter turnout is critical. If you live in AD4, you need to vote. If you have friends and family residing in AD4, you need to talk to them. Let them know that there is a widespread distinction between the two major-party candidates. The choice is truly clear: Please join me in supporting Assemblyman Richard MacArthur’s reelection to Nevada’s Assembly District 4!


AD31 is proof that voter complacency can have detrimental effects on desired outcomes. During the 2016 election, Assemblywoman Jill Dickman, a well-respected conservative, was ousted by a liberal candidate in an assembly district that was encompassed by a wide margin of more than 2,000 active Republican registrants versus Democrat registrants. The loss was slim, in which 38 more voters showed up for the opposing party.

Jill Dickman has returned, and AD31 has managed to nurture an even slightly larger margin of Republican registrants. Currently, the district contains 15,753 active Republican voters compared to only 13,446 Democrat voters. Furthermore, there is no third-party candidate in this race.

I served with Jill Dickman during the 2015 Legislative Session, and Liberty PAC is backing Jill Dickman’s election because she is a former proven legislator who fought against higher taxes and uncontrolled government spending, and because she is not afraid to stand against the RINOs as well as the liberals who believe otherwise.

So once again, voter turnout is critical within this district. If you live in AD31, you need to vote. If you have friends and family residing in AD31, you need to wake them up. Your vote will not count if you stay home again on election day, and failure to retake an assembly district that desires conservative leadership is a failure that will lead Nevada closer to a liberal agenda that wants to soak you with higher taxes, dilute your Second Amendment right, and turn Nevada into a sanctuary state.

This race is too important, and this seat is easily obtainable. Please join me in supporting Jill Dickman to represent Nevada’s Assembly District 31!


Liberty PAC considers this seat important to hold because AD37 is currently held by Assemblyman Jim Marchant, a respected conservative, within a district that has a slightly slim advantage in Democrat registrants. Democrats also held a slight edge during the 2016 election, a race in which Jim Marchant easily defeated his opponent by nearly 5 percentage points, a testament that voter turnout is critical in any district regardless of registration makeup.

Liberty Pac readily recommends Jim Marchant for reelection because he adheres to the principles of limiting cumbersome government regulations, protecting your right to keep and bear arms, and abiding by the U.S. Constitution as intended by our Founders. His track record for pursuing real education reforms, lowering our tax burden, and strengthening Nevada’s economy is the real deal. A proven legislator, Assemblyman Jim Marchant achieved impeccable ratings from the Nevada Policy Research Institute and the American Conservative Union Foundation.

As mentioned above, Assemblyman Jim Marchant won his previous election by nearly five percentage points in a district that contained more registered Democrat voters. Latest registrations numbers demonstrate that Democrats still hold an advantage, although the margin is even slimmer that before. There is no third-party candidate running for this seat, and as for the opposing major-party newcomer, they have hosted a campaign website that lacks substance regarding the issues at hand and how they should be handled. Feeble!

So, I’ll repeat again: voter turnout is critical within this district. If you live in AD37, you need to vote. If you have friends and family residing in AD37, you need to talk to them. Nevada is in no position to accommodate the liberal agenda that Democrats attempted to impose on Nevada during the 2017 Legislative Session, and the leftist radicals must be stopped during the next session as well. This election is too important: Please join me in reelecting Assemblyman Jim Marchant to Assembly District 37!


ABOUT LIBERTY PAC:  I’m busy traveling throughout Nevada to promote Liberty. You’ve probably seen me roving the region pounding campaign signs during the day and discussing critical issues during the evening on behalf of other like-minded candidates who think like we do. LIBERTY PAC is currently focused on the upcoming Nevada General Election and is working on your behalf to promote solid principled conservatives who are dedicated to preserving your liberties. I’m on a mission to educate and inform all voters BEFORE the Nevada General Election so as to allow our freedom-believing candidates to rise above the fray and win! Your sponsorship is important, so please take a moment to click the donate button and send a contribution to LIBERTY PAC so this effort can continue to inform the voters and support strong constitutional and conservative candidates.

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