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Nevada stands a good chance of electing a Republican governor in November. This is crucial, because the seated Democrats in the Nevada Legislature are likely to repeat on a number of promises that were vetoed during the 2017 Session, and I have full confidence that the current GOP candidate for Nevada Governor will be even tougher than our present governor when it comes to vetoing reckless legislation that jeopardizes the safety and wellbeing of our State.

Liberty PAC recognizes that many senate districts are considered “safe districts” due to lopsided voter registrations numbers that favor one party over another. The important thing to focus on then during this election cycle is for the Republican Senate to maintain enough seats to ensure that any veto is not overridden. Thus, it is vital that Republican voter-turnout is strong in certain senate swing districts which I am going to discuss.

Of course, I would ask that a strong Republican voter-turnout is seen through the whole state, because desired statewide election results depend on enthusiasm as applied up and down the ballot, but as I analyze the senate districts as they are currently drawn I can only forecast that Democrats will probably continue to maintain their lead in the Senate. Anything can happen before November, but if I had to guess on the most favorable outcome for the Republican Senate come November, it’s likely the Republicans will still be down by one seat needed to take control of the Senate. It could be worse however, because it the Republican party fails to turn out their voters in certain key swing districts, it’s possible that the Democrats could end up leading the Senate with a veto-proof majority that will render a new GOP governor as irrelevant.

The liberal leadership of the Democrat Party and many of its members have made it their goal to erode your constitutional right to bear arms, and turn Nevada into sanctuary state. If this concerns you, then you need to get engaged, educate your family & friends, and exercise your right to vote.


If Senate Republicans are going to be in a place where they can provide veto-power to a GOP-led governor, they will need crank to out their voter base in three key races; Senate Districts 8, 9, and 20. Let’s look at those races:


SD8 is currently held by a turncoat legislator who became a real disappointment after she campaigned as a Republican and then cooked her goose by ditching her party affiliation midterm so she could caucus with the Democrats.

Going into November, SD8 has a trustworthy candidate they can count on -- Valerie Weber, a former legislator whom I had the pleasure of serving with in the Nevada Assembly, has accepted the task of running for the senate seat that covers much of Summerlin and southwest Las Vegas, and there can be no better choice.

Liberty PAC was proud to have endorsed Valerie Weber during her 3-way Republican primary battle, because she is a proven fiscal conservative with a solid reputation for protecting taxpayers and defending small businesses.

Since 2002, the voters of SD8 have continually elected a female Republican candidate. It’s worth noting however that Hillary Clinton did well in this district during 2016, and the Democrats have put forth a seasoned liberal who also has legislative experience and is a capable campaigner. Having become addicted to caucusing with a RINO-turned-liberal during the last session, the Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus has vowed to turn out their voters in an attempt to officially turn SD8 blue once and for all.

A look at the latest SD8 primary numbers gives the Senate Democratic Caucus a glimmer of hope; D’s edged out the R’s by 699 registrants leading into the primary election. Furthermore, voter registrations numbers have stayed roughly 600 more registered Democrats than Republicans throughout the year. As of August 2018, those registration numbers currently amount to 26,867 Democrats and 26,211 Republicans who actively reside within SD8.

The game going into November then will be to target the nearly 20,000 other voters registered in SD8 who will be eligible to vote in November, which as of August consisted of mostly nonpartisans numbering at 15,620, as well as 2,987 Independent Americans and 699 Libertarians.

Voter turnout is critical. If you live in SD8, you need to vote. If you have friends and family residing in SD8, you need to talk to them. Let them know that there is a widespread distinction between the two major-party candidates, one who wants to protect Nevadans, and one who wants to become more like California.

The choice is clear: Please join me in supporting Valerie Weber to represent Nevada’s Senate District 8!


During the 2017 Legislative Session, SD9 was represented by a Republican who has since been appointed to the Gaming Control Board. Liberty PAC has studied this upcoming race and has viewed it as a must-win seat that once again will come down to the ability to turn out the vote. Neither of the two major-party candidates have any political experience, and there is no third-party candidate on the November ballot.

Liberty PAC is backing Republican Tiffany Jones for Nevada Senate, a small businessowner who previously ran for the Assembly in the last general election. Her Democrat opponent never ran for office, but once served as an intern in Senator Harry Reid’s Washington office.

This is a race that can go either way depending on voter turnout. Both major parties have been actively registering new voters since the beginning of the year, and as of August have kept nearly even in new registrants.

However, it’s important to note that Democrats have held a wider advantage in numbers, totaling 33,084 Democrats to 26,784 Republicans. Once again then the GOP will have to work hard to persuade third-party registrants to support their chosen candidate. SD9, which encompasses the southwest corner of the Las Vegas Valley, currently consists of whopping 21,267 nonpartisans, 3,621 Independent Americans, and 932 Libertarians who are actively registered within the senate district.

Because Tiffany Jones ran unopposed in the Republican Primary, I am unable to meter current Republican enthusiasm within the district. However, her Democrat opponent harvested more than two-thirds of the votes in a four-way primary. Historically speaking, a Democrat candidate was able to edge out a Republican candidate in November 2012 by a mere 301 votes after that seat became available when the previous Republican Senator resigned mid-term due to personal issues. During 2014, that Democrat incumbent was then trounced out of office by more than a 10% margin when he angered his constituency due to his fervor for promoting reckless anti-Second Amendment legislation. It’s a district known to go either way, and the Democrats have already vowed to retake the district back once again.

In reviewing their campaign statements, business owner Tiffany Jones talks about the importance of allowing families more latitude regarding school choice for their child’s education, while the former Harry Reid intern discusses a desire for stricter gun-control measures. But because neither candidate has a voting record, Liberty PAC’s largest interest in this race is keeping this seat red and denying the Democrats a veto-proof super majority.

So once again, voter turnout is critical within this district. If you live in SD9, you need to vote. If you have friends and family residing in SD9, you need to talk to them. Failure to maintain a Senate Chamber that can uphold a GOP governor’s veto pen will enable a liberal legislative body that wants to dilute your Second Amendment right and turn Nevada into a sanctuary state.

This election is too important: Please join me in supporting Tiffany Jones to represent Nevada’s Senate District 9!


Liberty PAC considers this seat as very winnable for our side. SD20, a district that encompasses parts of Henderson and the southern Las Vegas Valley, became an open race when the current two-term Republican Senator decided to campaign for a position within the executive branch. Keith Pickard, a small business owner who currently serves in the Nevada Assembly, has stepped up to the challenge, and he carries strong proven conservative credentials with him.

As of August, voter registration numbers within SD20 show nearly even registrations between the two major parties; Republicans = 29,001 and Democrats = 29,320. Other active registered voters for this district includes 17,909 nonpartisans and 3,578 Independent Americans. There are also 821 actively registered Libertarians who have managed to inject their own candidate in the contest, making this a three-way race.

The two major-party candidates won their primary races by large margins, and the Democrat party had a slightly better showing at the ballot box with 6,885 votes cast compared to the 6,271 votes cast for Republicans.

I hold Keith Pickard in high regard -- Keith Pickard has served on some of the same legislative committees as I have although in different houses, and I found him to be impressive and insightful. His Democrat opponent has no political experience, and a review of the opponent’s website offers no real substance other than an endorsement list of left-wing driven special interest groups. Keith Pickard has a proven track-record in the legislature for pursuing real education reforms, lowering our tax burden, strengthening Nevada’s economy, and derailing the efforts of special interest lobbyists to sway legislation.

I’ll repeat again: voter turnout is critical within this district. If you live in SD20, you need to vote. If you have friends and family residing in SD20, you need to talk to them. Nevada is in no position to accommodate the left-wing agenda imposed by radical liberals during the 2017 Legislative Session. They must be stopped during the next session as well.

This election is too important: Please join me in supporting Keith Pickard to represent Nevada’s Senate District 20!


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