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Question 6 is being funded by a hedge fund billionaire based in San Francisco who wants to rewrite Nevada’s Constitution and stick Nevadans with the same failed energy policy that Californians are paying severely for. If approved, Question 6 would mirror the same botched energy standards that have played a primary role in chasing a major portion of California’s industrial base out of its State and sticking their consumers with skyrocketing energy bills.

A constitutional mandate dictating Nevada's energy policy is unnecessary and risky. Nevada’s current Renewable Portfolio Standard is already set to increase to 25 percent by 2025. This steady approach was carefully studied and executed by Nevada lawmakers and approved by the governor to invest in Nevada’s future in becoming the world’s leader in renewable energy while at the same time protecting Nevadans against out-of-control rate hikes.

Passage of Question 6 would pour concrete language into the Nevada Constitution and recklessly pave a path putting ratepayers at risk by erasing Nevada’s legislative ability to judiciously apply its own adjustments to our current Renewable Portfolio Standard. Nevada effectively applies steadiness to guide our industrious State towards renewable self-sufficiency. The representatives you vote for dutifully implement appropriate guidelines to adapt safe, reliable, affordable energy guidelines that are best for our prosperity. The passage of Question 6 is a quest by an outsider to mandate untimely adoptions of rigid energy policies that are still besieged with infancy, and this misguided approach would cost us dearly.

Green technology continues to evolve, and cost-effectiveness for storage and delivery continues to improve. Meanwhile, renewable energy is still dealing with birth pains. The representatives you vote for are better positioned to protect you when they’re allowed to induct renewable energy policies based on merits, rather than mandates that serve to punish consumers and impose flawed policies.

The Nevada Legislature adopted its first Renewable Portfolio Standard in 1997, and higher standards have been legislatively adjusted as technology improved. Prudence and patience are exercised to encourage innovation while protecting ratepayers. To do otherwise is to asphyxiate innovation and jeopardize the affordable supply of reliable energy Nevadans are currently allowed to purchase.

An energy crisis does not exist in Nevada. Ratepayers currently enjoy safe reliable delivery of energy at rates that are far below the national average. Do not confine choice by allowing the attachment of restrictive mandates into our Constitution. If renewable energy was already at a stage of superiority capable of competing on price, it wouldn’t demand a constitutional mandate.

Nevada is better served by a legislative process that safely adjusts the proportional quantities of Nevada’s power usage as technological developments continue to advance. Question 6 proposes to rip away our safety net by mandating rigid timeframes that removes the ability to consider ratepayer protections and impending technological improvements. Lower energy costs are necessary for a diversified economy, and the failure to safely maintain stability in our energy market threatens Nevada’s ability to lure and keep businesses within our State. If aggressive new energy policies are mandated, jobs will disappear, and you the ratepayer will suffer the rate increases.

Question 6 offers an ill-advised path that Nevadans can’t risk. Mandates are unbending and unforgiving, and the passage of Question 6 threatens to repress future innovation and wound our efficiency. Defend Nevada consumers and businesses by voting NO on Ballot Question 6.

Do not trust the motivations of a California hypocrite who produced his own actual wealth through fossil fuel investments. You’re probably being inundated with mailers and TV ads from this outfit claiming to be concerned about Nevada’s air quality. Truth be told, it’s the out-of-controlled California wild fires that are to blame for affecting the quality of Nevada’s air that we breath. Maybe California should manage its forests instead of telling Nevadans what to do.

Don’t fall prey to an out-of-state billionaire with questionable motives. Say NO to this outsider who is investing millions of his own dollars into a PAC he personally started to recklessly rewrite our State Constitution. Nevada is already at the forefront of providing renewable energy while charging rates far below national average. Vote NO against schemes to remove money from hard-working Nevadans. Local prosperity demands prudence on our part.

Home means Nevada! Let Nevadans decide, not some San Francisco hedge fund billionaire. Vote NO on Ballot Question 6.


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