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Liberty PAC is endorsing Eddie Lorton for Reno City Mayor for countless reasons. First, let’s discuss the current Mayor:

To begin, she is wanting to blame Reno’s affordable housing crises on “Bay Area moguls” and “well-heeled outside buyers.” I largely disagree with her assessment. The affordable housing crises that is causing homelessness is due to higher demand because Reno recognizes itself as a “Welcoming City,” a euphemism for sanctuary city type policies that work to encourage the influx of impoverished illegal aliens who compete against other renters such as our seniors and our veterans. This problem has little to do with “Bay Area moguls” and “well-heeled outside buyers” who choose to purchase homes in Arrowcreek and Somersett, and more to do with the willingness of the current leadership to turn a blind eye on the increased illegal alien population that is straining Reno’s rental market and driving up the demand for available affordable housing options. When you open your arms to an impoverish segment of the world's population who do not legally belong here, you dilute the available services and options to the citizens who can afford it the least.

There are other issues with the way Reno is being managed. The disturbing act in which the United States Flag was removed from the flagpole atop of City Hall and replaced by a rainbow flag was unacceptable. The current mayor took “full responsibility,” and she should, but to this day a clear answer as to how this directive to replace the American Flag with an LBGT flag was applied has not been fully explained. I believe it’s indicative of a lackadaisical and dismissive attitude that has been allowed to fester under this leadership regarding the true values of Reno’s constituency, and any directive, no matter how applied, that leads to the disrespect of the United States flag that represents all Americans is a slap in the face to those who sacrificed their lives for our Country.

Fiscally speaking, the City of Reno is in financial trouble. I can remember when Reno carried no debt. That has changed, and the City of Reno is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. This is a path leading towards bankruptcy as seen in other cities that governed irresponsibly. Fiscal responsibility is lacking when the current mayor can blow $10,000 on the Reno Mayor’s Annual Address -- that is an unprecedented act; other city mayors in our area spend nothing, because it’s fiscally irresponsible to make the citizens foot the bill for wasteful expenditures, and Reno does not have money to waste.

Let me add one more thing about this current mayor: As a Nevada Legislator, I personally witnessed her behind-the-wall attempt to circumvent the city's Charter Committee when she pulled a last-minute stunt without the knowledge of the Charter Committee and City Council and asked a liberal legislator from Las Vegas to do her a favor and amend language within a bill during the final days of the legislative session that would have destroyed the painstaking work by the city's Charter committee and instead create a bill that would have exempted her from term limits and given her massive veto powers over the decisions of the council members. This disgusting type of smoke-filled backdoor maneuvering is an abuse of power and exactly the sleazy type of political maneuvering that reeks of total disregard towards the electorate. I’m proud I was there to identify her stunt, and I made sure her shady power-grabbing amendment failed!

Reno is at a stage of evolvement that is going backwards. That shouldn’t be the case. A tree dies from the top. New leadership is required to place Reno on the proper track. This is why Reno needs Eddie Lorton.

Eddie Lorton grew up in this city. As a business owner starting off at an early age in Reno, he witnessed firsthand the deterioration that grabs hold when undesirable situations are allowed to commence and then fester. Eddie Lorton recognizes the proper avenue that needs to be taken to manage the area’s homeless problem that continues to grow and disrupt Reno’s tourism district, and he has solid ideas to reduce Reno’s burgeoning debt without raising your taxes.

For many years, Eddie Lorton has been serving tirelessly as Reno’s “watchdog,” volunteering his own time to protect the citizens and keep local governmental abuses and misuses in check. If your tax dollars or your liberties where at risk, Eddie Lorton was front and center exposing the discrepancies. Liberty PAC views Eddie Lorton as a “thorn in the side” towards any governmental official or policy that exercises ineptness when it comes to providing for the public good, and for this reason he is considered an ideal leader to oversee Reno’s future.

Eddie Lorton is a declared Republican and a fiscal conservative. The current mayor professes to be “nonpartisan,” but her actions speak otherwise; she advocates for laws to weaken our Second Amendment right, and she habitually endorses liberal candidates who promote policies that pose a threat to our liberties. Reno cannot afford another four years of the same.

Eddie Lorton has the proper vision and the vital business sense that is required to put the City of Reno on a more accurate path towards greater prosperity. Please join me in supporting Eddie Lorton for Reno’s next mayor!


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