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The seat for Nevada Treasurer is an open race, and it gives me great comfort to know that Bob Beers is willing to fill this seat; his wide-ranging financial knowledge and political understanding gives him the upper hand to readily take over the reins on day one when he is elected to do this job.

Bob Beers is a Certified Public Accountant by trade, and though he may make it look easy, the requirements for becoming a CPA and maintaining a license are rigorous.

Bob Beers also has the experience of conservatively serving and protecting the electorate going back to his days as a state lawmaker where we both stood together as part of the "Fearless Fifteen" to battle the then largest tax increase ever to be hurled on the unsuspecting Nevada taxpayer.

Knowledge & experience are unquestionably on his side.

Bob Beers is wise when it comes to managing money, and he’s always been on the side of keeping more of it in the pockets of the taxpayers. After all, it is your money, not the government’s money. If ever there was a person who can be trusted to comprehend the financial undertakings that are necessary to oversee and properly manage the state coffers, that person would be Bob Beers.

Please elect Bob Beers as Nevada’s next Treasurer.

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